We survived another July 4th!

We spend the holiday at the campground, where they set off the fireworks VERY close to the trailer. I used to enjoy fireworks, now I despise them.


We started the good drugs earlier that day and all as calm….


Until that first boom!


Sunshine coped very well being covered up with the sleeping bag.


Feeling much safer!


Rainy gave me the hairy eyeball, but didn’t panic. Clearly it was my fault the noise was happening.


Then she was too nervous to stay in bed.

20150704_214629Maybe if I close my eyes they will just go away… We had the TV blaring, ACs and fans running, plus a liberal amount of happy pills. 2015 went a lot smoother than 2014 did! I was considering just tossing them in the car and going for an hours drive, but I’m glad we stayed here and rode it out. They were such good brave puppers!

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Photo Plop #9

20150703_153151 20150704_115542 20150704_115545 20150704_115552 20150704_115853 20150704_192353

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