Conversation with Rainy

Me: What’s this sticky outy thing on the side of your face?

Rainy: Scritch mah nose lady!

Me: Oh it’s fur and skin hanging off your face! You are 10 years old! What the hell are you doing? How are you shredding the flesh on your cheek? You need to be more careful and act your age!

Rainy: Where are da cookies?


Daily Post: Superpower

I only have interest in one superpower. Imagine what I could do with the ability to eradicate stupid from this world. Someone who could do this would never be bored! That’s a lifetime of work. At least once a day I’m shaking my head at the stupid that surrounds me.¬†Within the past week I have had 9 separate interactions with the Delaware Unemployment Office. I cannot even begin to describe that level of stupid. Why are logic and common sense to hard to find these days?

This must be why I get along much better with animals. Even the girls think that stupid is exhausting.