Sunshine Says 2/13/15

Question for Miss Sunshine: is the movie THE LONGEST WEEK.with BILLY CRUDUP? I looked at NETFLIX, and I guess I thought it was about a greyhound. I suppose one is just acting in it. I’ll order it.




Hi Ace! I haven’t given out advice is far too long! Thanks for your question! We actually did try and watch the movie The Longest Week. Here’s a link

Honestly we’ve only gotten 30 minutes into it. It’s SO BORING! The humans are utterly ridiculously stupid. Mia’s acting is the only amazing part! We are going to try and muster our way through just to see the lovely Miss Mia!

Make sure you watch with lots of cookies!

Lubs Sunshine

The Idita-Walk Challenge!

Hello blog readers, it’s Rainy here! To tell you all about this amazing challenge that we are doing. We have to walk a total of 1,049 minutes before March 31st. It so exciting! You can read about the challenge here

We are walking to support all my fellow working dogs, the huskies. Mom keep saying it benefits the boy scouts, but I all I hear is “blah blah blah.” Even though I’m well into my retirement years, I’ll keep dragging my human out of the house so we can support the huskies! They like running just like I do. Us professional working dogs have to stick together! It’s not easy to get us out of the house into this cold weather, but we are gaining a tiny bit of walking time. So far we have 203 minutes logged.

Last Sunday we walked FOREVER! We always forget how long and awful walks by the Brandywine Zoo can be. We were exhausted by the time we were done. Sunshine was sore and ouchy the whole next day. I wasn’t since I had a successful professional career. Young pup doesn’t know what real work is! We also forget how amazing and beautiful this walk is. We took lots of pictures. No one would expect this type of prettiness when you have to drive through the city to get there.


First I had to convince Sunshine to stop eating the cereal milk.


We were able to tag up on Mom to make sure she put her shoes on.


Seriously! We need to leave NOW!


When we got there Sunshine was worried because our friends weren’t there yet. She thinks too much!


I knew they would be there any minute!


We even met a new Springer Spaniel friend! Or rather, I tried to meet her… Mom wouldn’t let me sniff hello! The Springer Spaniel’s Mommy said she is weird with other dogs. Silly humans worry too much.






Sunshine had to get her mountain goat on.



Isn’t this gorgeous!


Afterwards Sunshine said she could never move again!