PVC Shower Curtain



Our $50 curved metal shower curtain rusted quickly and I refused to buy another one. So I set out on a mission to find a curved plastic one. Ha! I dare you to rust Sir Plastic. Imagine my dismay at not being able to locate one. They just don’t make them.

I was so sad that I complained to the BF. His response was “I could probably make one out of PVC.” SOLD! A week later for the low magical price of $8 I no longer had rust dropping into my eyes while I opened the curtain.  The pvc is almost a whole 8 inches higher than the rusted hunk. This makes the bathtub seem huge! Talk about arm room. Looks a little funny, but I am in love!

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Rainy is in the dog house!

20150724_135309-1Rainy and I were cuddling on the bed. Her nose was less than 3 inches from my eyes. Rainy decided to snark at the cat FORGETTING that my face was right by her sharp pointy teeth. Here she is pouting after the crazy Mom flip out.

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